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We’d like to hear your comments on the inaugural Canadian Rugby Club Championship. Tell us something you liked and something you would like to see improved?

A little background on the CRCC. It is funded by the Canadian Rugby Foundation with an initial outlay of $50K, that money mostly covers the cost of moving teams around the country to play the preliminary games and then meet in one location for a four team tournament.

The 2019 tournament will be in Toronto and will be for women’s club teams. The next men’s competition will be in 2020, with the location to be determined.

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  1. What will the timing be for a women’s championship? Their seasons tend to finish before the end of August with many players committed to CIS.

  2. What was the goal? Did you achieve your goal?

    Does this help the growth and development of Rugby? And help the National team?

    Do you see this growing to future national Male and possible female players?

    Was it cost effective?

    Year one great work enthusiasm and support from great rugby men. Well done them men.

  3. 1) First of all, thanks to the Canadian Rugby Foundation, other organizers, spectators, refs., Capilano RFC, and…Tim; I had a blast this weekend.

    2) Although it was fun to play against elite level competition, I agree with “viewer”:
    “There should be no imported players, especially for the hosting team. It should only be true club players. If a club is having trouble traveling due to family, work, school, etc. Then they should be allowed to pick up some local players to help out. ”

    This competition, as I understand, was to place the best “clubs” in competition with one another, not to see who can build the best regional team. Perhaps consider changing the rule to, “any travelling team may pick up 4 regionally specific/former club players,” with respect to the difficulties associated with attending the tournament: travel, work, school, expense, commitments.

    That being said, I don’t believe preventing the local club from adding their additional players would have changed the win-loss record of any team from this past weekend (although the scoreline would have been easier to send home to your loved ones! ).

    3) Also, this inaugural tournament proved that there needs to be a disciplinary committee ready and willing to meet on the day in between games to discuss infractions, red cards, etc. Having to wait for BC rugby to decide on a red-carded player’s status means that the player automatically misses the Sunday game because BC rugby won’t meet until the first of the week (was there no representation of BC rugby at this major tournament??).

    All in all, great tournament. Tremendous effort, especially by rugby standards of organization, to throw together a great tournament. I hope this keeps going. Too many good ideas for rugby fall apart in this country, and it is my hope that with Rugby Canada Foundation’s involvement, this won’t be one of them.

    Hope to see everyone in 2 years.

  4. Have to feel bad for the boys who have played for the ravens all season and didn’t get a chance to win the trophy with their team. The import rule should be used to assist travelling clubs, or in the case of a shortage of players. It seems unfair that the hosts loaded their team with professionals, while other teams brought the same players they have been playing with all season.

    1. ALL the players for the RAVENS aside from Connor Braid and Nakai Penny are Ravens Club Members, many have PR status and don’t count as imports in the CDI Premiere League. The team recruits better and have a great culture. Other teams cant hate on the success.

    2. My name is Sean Ferguson and I have been playing for the Ravens for 4 years. The only thing that has been disappointing about this tournament is the comments I have been reading since our first game. Our club has come a long way over the past few years and worked extremely hard in the hopes of being what it is today. When the rules were stated, I personally asked if I could invite my best friend and form team Canada teammate if he wanted to come over and play together again (Connor Braid) I explained that it is probably our last couple games together before we hang up the boots up for good, so he jumped at the chance. We also invited Nakia Penny, who would have like to join us this year but is living on the island and there fore playing for another club. I am a bit ashamed of the rugby community and their comments in regards to the rule. We were short a few bodies due to injury and have even bigger games coming up so we used the rule to assist us in fielding a team and for my own personal hopes. It was wonderful playing with my best friend again after I retired from the sevens team a few years ago but in no way did we cheat the system. Also, we live in Canada, so of course we have players from other countries.

      Let’s try and make the tournament better, not beat everyone down who worked hard in the games and in organizing the event.

  5. No imported players , true club members only or it kind of ruins the meaning of the tournament. Also round robin to play each team would make more sense. It’s club play not provincial teams

  6. There should be no imported players, especially for the hosting team. It should only be true club players. If a club is having trouble traveling due to family, work, school, etc. Then they should be allowed to pick up some local players to help out. Two imported players for the hosting team were best back and forward of the tournament, this shows the true impact of the rule.

    bottom line is every club that attends should do everything in their power to bring their true club because it is a Club Championship.

    Also, maybe the idea of doing a round robin tournament. That way every club has a chance to play each other.

  7. The stream was a great addition and should be focused on to ensure fans around the country get a chance to be a part of the Championship.

  8. 1) Overall: Just below excellent.
    2) Remove 4 import player and formulate a club eligibility rule for players. It should be easy to track movement with Sportlomo if you keep the search window to 3 years. ie a minimum of 5 games for the club in each of the previous two years.

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